Sex During Covid-19

Thank you very much for showing your interest in participating in GMI Partnership’s Sex During Covid-19 survey.
During the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, the UK government has instituted some measures, such as social distancing, staying at home and avoiding any unnecessary travel and personal contact. 
These measures may impact our sexual health and wellbeing, as well as other aspects of our health.
At the GMI Partnership, we are continually seeking innovative ways to ensure that we can deliver great services and products to you so that you will have the best sexual health and wellbeing. In order to really support you during and after the pandemic, we would appreciate if you could complete the following survey.

This is an anonymised, confidential short survey (5 minutes) exploring your current sex life and activities. No identifiable data will be collected, and we will not share your responses. We will not be able to trace the answers back to you unless you provide us your contact detail at the end, which is completely optional.
Please note that GMI and its partners are sex-positive and share a non-judgemental approach towards sex, sexuality and sexual health. We are neither approving nor disapproving of any of the behaviours included in the survey.
This survey is designed for people living in Greater London, aged 16 or over. For the purpose of this survey, we define sex activity as any activity- solitary, between two persons, or in a group - that induces sexual arousal, including penetrative and non-penetrative sex, masturbation.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions about this survey please contact